Rotating Activities for Friday Date Night

There are rotating activities for couples on fridays:

  • First Friday of the Month: Salsa
  • Second Friday of the Month: Dual Relaxation
  • Third Friday of the Month: Partner Yoga
  • Fourth Friday of the Month: Connection through Movement

Dual Relaxation

Most of us are stuck in our heads at the end of our workweek….. In this Friday evening class it’s all about connecting to our body again and from there finding the connection with our partners. We do this in a variety of different movement styles and exercises, ending the class with a meditation. Yum!

Styles vary from Thai-massage, Yoga Nidra, (light) Tantra Yoga and more.

Connection through Movement

Based on contact improvisation dance exercises, this class focuses on awareness and sensitivity. By listening to your partner’s body you will learn how to trust, follow, and lead the other in a whole journey of senses.

  • Understand each other through body language and unspoken sensation
  • Create a deeper and more awear connection within the couple
  • On a later stage you will eventually learn how to effortlessly lift each other and use the other body weight to create a beautiful dance.

Partner Yoga

Two can play that game.

You will notice within a few classes how practicing together gets you stronger than ever. Here’s how we do it:

  • Having fun, first and foremost!
  • Yoga together
  • Working harder on that muscle strength by lifting and holding each other
  • Balancing and helping eachother get deeper into the practice
  • Relaxation, stretching and massage
  • Meditation/ mindfullness
  • Communication exercises
  • You’re welcome to join without a partner

Any questions about the class, schedule, prices or any other questions? Please contact us at