What is Kids Breakdance?

This class will teach the b-boy´s and b-girl´s the hip hop dance style called breakdance.

Breakdance class for kids

Get down with teacher Hakim! This class is ideal for children in the age from 5 – 10. Breakdance Kids will be on Saturdays 11:45-12:30 and taught in English and Dutch.You can check our schedule for more details here.

Benefits of Breakdance for kids

  • Learn the basics of breakdance
  • Get more confidence
  • Triggers Musicality
  • Outlet for energy
  • Having fun alone and in a group
  • Supporting eachother
  • Opens the creative mind

You are welcome to try one lesson of Kids Breakdance for free. Please register and book your free “Try Out Class”.


Any questions about the class, schedule, prices or any other questions? Please contact us at info@ezzyfamily.nl.