What is Abs and Stamina Workout?

This workout is created by Hakim (aka Hakoomy) and is based on HIIT (=High Intensive Interval Training) and your won bodyweight.

Workout for Everybody

Challenging ‘Bodyweight’ workout for people who’d like to expand their workout once in a while. It’s a total out of the box thinking workout where Hakim gives you. Watch the video´s and explore the Hakoomy Workout (without sweating).

This workout will be on Wednesdays from 20:00-20:45. Taught in English only.

Benefits of Abs and Stamina Workout

  • Get fit and strengthen your body
  • Increase your health

You are welcome to try one workout of Abs and Stamina for free. Please register and book your free “Try Out Class”.

Any questions about the class, schedule, prices or any other questions? Please contact us at info@ezzyfamily.nl.