What is Yin Yoga?

This type of yoga is a slow and passive kind of yoga style. The yin (passive side) will balances the yang (active side) in us and will bring you back in total harmony. Yoga poses will be held one after the other for a certain time.

This Yin Yoga class is made for you

A class for restorative, calm and mindful poses. The Yin Yoga poses that are held for +- 3 minutes are good for your joints, tendons, connective tissue and mind. This class is ideal for those who want to get deeper into yoga practice and the yoga life. It is accessible for any level. Yin Yoga class will be on Tuesday evening 19:30-20:30 and Saturday 10:45-11:45. Taught in English only. You can check our schedule for more details here.

Yin Yoga benefits

  • Focus on detox of the body, mindfulness, breathing and perseverance
  • Meditation state helps to reduce stress in your daily life
  • Stimulate the fasciae by long-lasting, intensive stretching
  • Recovery from back pain

You are welcome to try one lesson of Yin Yoga for free. Please register and book your free “Try Out Class”.

Any questions about the class, schedule, prices or any other questions? Please contact us at info@ezzyfamily.nl.