We created a place for all people to become a part of the family. Our studio holds a space for everyone of every age and we would like to share knowledge with whoever wants to interact. In this family we support each other and forgive eachother. It doesn’t matter we are not related. We are all connected. Unlike we feel most of the time in our society, we are not being measured against each other but celebrate each others succes.

Physiotherapist, Yoga teacher Yasmae Omar (NL/ENG)

When I was at a young age, I always wondered why I had injuries all the time and my friends didn’t. We all were practicing figure skating for at least 15 hours on the ice, 5 hours of ballet and 5 hours of condition training per week so, why me? And what do people mean by be yourself when I was getting ready for a competition? Why am I so anxious about competing on the ice? All these questions formed the base of the knowledge I now teach. 

As a physio I am specialized in chronic pain, mostly the lower back region and pelvic pain. After graduating at the university of Rotterdam of applied sciences in 2013 I studied yoga in India and China to truly understand the spiritual and physical side of ourselves, how it works and influences each other.

After 6 years gaining experience working with different kinds of health care specialists, in different parts of the world (Qatar) and different injuries, I find a way to connect hands-on physical care to your day to day life. This aspect, to make you independent, is the true goal of my therapy.

Breakdance, partner yoga teacher and fellow owner Ezzy
Hakim Omar (NL/ENG/ARA)

His passion is travelling and breakdance. He has 10 years of experience in sales of hotels. As a director of sales for Marriot, he left Qatar (where he grew up) to work for W Amsterdam as senior sales manager before he decided to start his travel company Breaktravel.

Next to teaching the spirit and techniques of breakdance, he organized 4 years of World Bboy breakdance events in Qatar and worked together with the Dutch Embassy. He moved to holland in 2016 for loves sake. He he has a passion to work out and keep himself fit.